Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Value of a Smile

At Periodontal Associates in Denver - Aurora, CO, we never underestimate the value of a healthy and beautiful smile. I spoke with one of Dr. Heller's patients today who had previously undergone connective tissue grafting surgery due to gum recession. Jenny, a daughter of an orthodontist, was quick to flash me her lower gums and tell me how happy she was with the results. I immediately thought she was speaking of the health benefits and comfort of no longer being 'long in the tooth'. After all, the lower gum area is seldom seen by anyone, right? Wrong! Jenny was just as pleased with being able to correct the gum issue as she was with being able to look in the mirror and see a beautiful and healthy set of gums. It continually gives Jenny a reason to smile.

The Value of a Smile
 by Francie Baltazar-Schwartz

“The value of a smile is priceless, yet it is the cheapest, easiest, most rewarding and most sincere gift to anyone that crosses your path. A smile makes a person’s day, anybody’s day even a stranger’s day. A smile is infectious. Start infecting people with your smile today. 

A smile is nature’s best antidote for discouragement. It brings rest to the weary, sunshine to those who are sad, and hope to those who are hopeless and defeated.

A smile is so valuable that it can’t be bought, begged, borrowed, or taken away against your will. You have to be willing to give a smile away before it can do anyone else any good.

So if someone is too tired or grumpy to flash you a smile, let him have one of yours anyway. Nobody needs a smile as much as the person who has none to give.” 

 Dr. Versman and Dr. Heller find great satisfaction in keeping our patients at or returning them to the highest level of dental health in which they desire. At Periodontal Associates, it is our belief that better oral health enhances self-esteem, growth, and rewards you with a better quality of life. Our goal is quality--in comfort, service, and dental care. It's a goal to which we are committed and a standard which our patients have come to expect. If you would like to schedule a periodontal exam to assess the health of your teeth and gums, please contact Periodontal Associates in Aurora, CO at 303-755-4500. Dr Ken Versman & Dr. Doug Heller proudly serve the greater Denver metro area and are Colorado's Premier Provider of Dental Implants and Periodontics.

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