Wednesday, July 13, 2011

What do those numbers mean to me and my Dentist?

Pockets in my gums?

Have you ever wondered what those numbers mean that your Denver Dentist or Hygienist calls out while checking your teeth and gums? Or what those numbers mean in relation to gum disease?

At your dental visit the dentist or hygienist should perform a screening where a tiny ruler called a 'probe' is used to check for and measure any pockets in your gums. This probe is a depth measurement device - the measurements are taken in millimeters (mm). With very little pressure the probe is slipped down next to the root of the tooth until there is resistance. The mark which is then at the gum line demonstrates the depth of the gum pocket. You'll often hear your dentist or hygienist calling out numbers, or the pocket depth. In a healthy mouth, free of gum disease, the depth of these pockets is usually between 1 and 3 millimeters.

See the guide below:

If your numbers are in the higher range, you will often be referred to a periodontist. Dr. Ken Versman and Dr. Doug Heller of Periodontal Associates are Periodontists who are specially trained to diagnose and treat gum disease and dental implants. Periodontal Associates is conveniently located in Aurora, Colorado and serves the entire Denver metro area.

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