Thursday, January 23, 2014

A Candy Good for Teeth

A Candy That Is Good For Your Teeth

What would you do if you were told that scientists have created a candy that is actually good for your teeth?

At Periodontal Associates, we warn to not eat too many sweets because of what the sugar does to your teeth; bad bacteria feeds on sugar which can hurt your enamel, cause plaque, and give you cavities!

 In a recent blog, we had mentioned that there are different types of bacteria in your mouth; some bacteria is good for your mouth while other bacteria is bad for your mouth.  A new sugar-free candy, developed in Germany, has been tested and proven to decrease the amount of bad bacteria in mouths.  This new candy is designed to allow the good  bacteria to bind to the cavity-causing Mutans streptococci. Upon binding with M. streptococci, the good bacteria prevents the bad bacteria (Mutans streptococci) from firmly reattaching to teeth, causing it to be washed away by saliva. 

With less Mutans streptococci sticking to teeth there is less damage to enamel, less chance of plaque, and even a smaller chance of getting cavities!  Eating candy guilt free; what could be better?

Until this candy is released, we urge that you be mindful of your sugar intake, brush and floss regularly, and keep up with your teeth cleanings!  Visit our great doctors (
Ken Versman, Doug Heller, and Eric Beckman) along with our specially trained hygienists for bi-annual cleanings and check-ups.  By developing these great habits, Periodontal Associates can help treat and prevent periodontal disease (gum disease) and keep your teeth healthy!

Periodontal Associates is located in Aurora, CO, but we happily serve patients in Denver, CO and all surrounding areas like Centennial, Parker, Lone Tree, Thorton, etc.  Drs. Versman, Heller, and Beckman are specialists in gum disease, dental implants, gum grafts, bone grafts, sinus lifts, and other dental needs.  Please give us a call at (303) 755-4500 to schedule your dental implant consultation or hygiene cleaning today! To learn a little more about us, please visit our website or visit us on Facebook We look forward to getting to know you and helping you keep a health mouth!


  1. I love this blog its awesome thank you for posting this blog keep more posting its very useful to people and thank you once again.

  2. Great post... Good to know that candy can help to remove bad bacteria from mouth. Information given is very helpful for all.


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