Wednesday, January 15, 2014

"Smart" Toothbrush

Today, it is all about the latest technology but, did you ever think that your toothbrush would become apart of the fad?  A French company has invented a toothbrush that can sync wirelessly with a smartphone and track all of your brushing habits. 

The "smart" toothbrush works like any other electric toothbrush but stores your brushing data so that you can see how often you brush as well as how well you brush (your brushing techniques and habits).  If you feel the need, you can even link it to your social media and post your information for friends and family to see!

Think your kids are lying about how often they brush and if they are brushing appropriately?  Well that is exactly why the inventor created the brush; he wanted to create something that could monitor his children's habits.

At Periodontal Associates in Aurora, Dr. Versman, Dr. Heller, and Dr. Beckman believe that brushing regularly and correctly is very important to maintain healthy gums and teeth.  Gum disease is a sneaky disease and, often, people do not realize they have it until it reaches a severe state.  Whether you use a non-mechanical brush, a mechanical brush, or the new fancy "smart" toothbrush it doesn't matter as long as you are successfully taking care of your teeth!

If you are fighting gum disease or an un-even, painful smile, Dr. Ken Versman, Dr. Doug Heller, and Dr. Eric Beckman can help you.  Click here to schedule an exam or call (303) 755-4500 to answer all your questions.


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